cellLab genetic sound synthesizer

cellLab is an interactive sound synthesizer which get its controlinput from Conway's Game Of Life. Main part is a cellmatrix which can be occupied by injecting certain patternpresets from a dropdown menue or directed manipulation with point and click. The cells interacts with their neighbours and give birth to new ones or die.
This structure controls the sound of an additive soundsynthesizer, whose general parameters like pitch and volume can be controled by dedicated knobs.
cellLab as an application for homeuse appeared for Mac OSX and Windows on the art cdr magazine tinah #3.

There is also an installation and an composition Elektronengehirn plays live. Its included in a Metainstrument of the 2. kind. Metainstrument Steiner calls complex software generated electroacoustic compositions which can be controled with view datainputstreams like from a windcontroler. The second version combines it with the idea to create sounds from graphical alghorithms.In the piece Steiner treats graphic simulations which controls sound.
It was first shown in the galerie Lichtschliff in Berlin on 10. september 2004.
Meanwhile 2 more pieces are developed which generates sound based on graphical processes and histrogrammes. A video documents the performance at
Dorkbot Ghent #5 on 11. feb 2005

It includes the whole performance and the lenghty introduction, camera by Eva Sjuve.
Next performance will be at the Vorwerkstift music event on 16. april 2005 at Vorwerk Hamburg, Germany