About Elektronengehirn

Malte Steiner began the project Elektronengehirn in 1996, started as a side project to his Industrial outfit Notstandskomitee, but it soon developed in another direction to take on a more experimental identity of its own. Original concept was to create electroacoustic compositions only with software instead of the use of hardware synthesizers which was revolutionary in that time for underground artists without access to institutional computer resources. Custom made applications implemented Steiner in Max / MSP, Pure Data, Csound and directly in C/C++. Steiner's musical projects are additionally closely related to his practice as a media artist, where his performances are accompanied by visuals, which are controlled and feeded by the sound in real time. Lately the strict concept was expanded and also hardware of the block 4 studio like the evergrowing Eurorack modular synthesizer are used now too.

About Malte Steiner

Malte Steiner (born 1970) is a German media artist, electronic musician, composer and software developer. Steiner started creating electronic music and visual art around 1983, developing his own vision of the interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk, working with, and not limited to, film, theater, video games, interactive installations and sound. Steiner took in 1986 a course in electroacoustic music in Lüneburg by H.W. Erdmann and gave his first live performances in the following years. Steiner was a co-founder of the legendary Hörbar club for experimental music located in Hamburg (DE), which opened in 1991 and is still active today. In 2011 Steiner moved to Berlin, where he opened his own non-public media lab Block4 to create and produce his own music projects as well as mastering and mixing for other artists. Steiner has since 1987 released music on cassette, vinyl, CD and online. In 1998 he started creating electronic art and installations, which has been shown in Kiel, Rantzau, Hamburg, Kassel, Berlin (DE), Malmö (S), Bergen (NO), Copenhagen (DK), Chiang Mai (THA) and La Motte-Servolex (FR). In 2003 he created several webart projects including a collaborative visual networking environment which can be interfaced by web and mobile phones with a special J2ME client, shown in the German feature of Javamuseum and Computer Space Festival 2003 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Steiner has additionally performed concerts, created exhibitions and workshops as well as done residencies in Europe, Asia and USA, e. g. at Esc Im Labor (Graz, Austria 2009) and Open City (La Ciudad Abierta) Of Ritoque (Chile 2011). Steiner is a regular contributor to the Piksel open source media festival in Bergen (NO). Steiner's musical projects are primarily the experimental electroacoustic Elektronengehirn, the Industrial outfit Notstandskomitee, Akustikkoppler (with Matthias Schuster), Das Kombinat, the live coding duo codepage and the noiseproject TMS (both with Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen). Steiner is involved in several open source projects like his softwaresynthesizer 'Minicomputer', Alsa Modular Synthesizer and the OSC middleware 'contrOSC', and has done lectures, radio features and Pure Data workshops, e. g. for Access Space, Sheffield (UK) and Vivid in Birmingham (UK) as well as for the multimedia composition class of Georg Hajdu at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg and HfbK Hamburg (DE).